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A mural enhances the environment of any space; it can be used to tell a story or even create an illusion. Ranging from 50 to 15,000 square feet, we have created many murals for a variety of settings including museums, churches, city municipalities, schools, zoos, aquariums, visitor centers, and residences.

View my past work below.

*Murals from Bass Pro Shops can be viewed on request.

Sutton, Nebraska
Elkhorn North Ridge Middle School
Fagen Fighters Museum
Sagewood Timberwolves
Private Residence
Spring Ridge
Fagen Fighters Museum
City of Columbus, NE
Blue Sage Elementary
Skyline Elementary
Fagen Fighters Museum
Woodbrook Elementary
Private Residence
Private Residence
Elkhorn North
Hillrise Elementary
After -
Odell Covered Wagons
Colombia Bar Scene
Sutton Dermatology + Aesthetics
Odell Stagecoach
Adam's Elementary
The Archway - Kearney, NE
West Dodge Station
Pigeon Forge
After -
Hastings Museum Mural
Bellwood Fire Department
Fagen Fighters Museum
Lake McConaughy Wetlands Diorama
Fagen Fighters Museum
Fagen Fighters Museum
Fagen Fighters Museum
Dinosaur Mall America
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