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My aspiration is to tell a story with one image that will capture your attention and hold it for years. 


Custer Last Stand  copy 1.jpg


At David Reiser Murals & Art, our mission is to provide the most beautiful visual artwork that enhances and transforms any space. We value collaboration, creativity, and quality; that’s why we are committed to working closely with each client to create a personally unique work of art. We offer a range of services for clients all across the country: murals, paintings & portraits, faux finishes & decorative painting, and graphics & signage.



I have enjoyed creating art since I was a child. Art is a journey of seeing, learning, and sharing; each new work inspires the next. Over my 25 years of creating professional work nationally and internationally, I have been blessed to share my passion with many clients, family members, and friends. My focus has been, and continues to be, commissioned work. Exploring the possibilities for a painting, mural, etc. with my clients is one of the best parts of the entire process. Whether we are revisiting a familiar subject or embarking on an entirely new one, it's exciting and rewarding to create each new piece. I am often asked, "What's your favorite work of art you've created?" My answer is always, "The one I'm about to paint."




Damian Zuerlein,

Parish of Saint Columbkille

David does simply outstanding murals and commissioned art work. We had him do a mural for our school, and it has received rave reviews from all who see it. I highly recommend him for your mural projects.

Ann Kozal,


For those interested in a showstopper accent piece in your home or business, Dave Reiser is as talented as you’ll find. In 2.5 days this [mural] was complete. My daughter showed him an idea of what she wanted, and he added so much more life to it.

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